I had a happy childhood. Loving parents, careless daily life in the kindergarden, picnics on the weekends... and Korchevatoye.

The neighborhood where I grew up is located on the very outskirts of Kiev. When I was little it appeared to me as the Magic Land - fruit gardens, labyrinths of garages next to the river, hostels and "khrushchovkas", children and babushkas - all so dear... Childhood got imprinted like a bright colorful fairy tale in my memory.

Now, when I walk the pathways of my childhood I feel my heart sinking. Everything around  is painfully familiar, and at the same time distant - shrunk and pale. I can barely recognize the faint traces of the fairy tale.

So, what had changed? Yes, houses dilapidated, gardens grew thin, the river is covered by duckweed, children are gone and only few babushkas are left. But is that it? I don't know. I know only one thing - time does its thing (had always did that) with a place of my childhood and with myself.

Black and white photographs were made in 2009-2010.

Color pictures are the slides from my family archive.

Korchevatoye, Kiev, Ukraine.

And the days are not full enough

And the nights are not full enough

And life slips by like a field mouse

Not shaking the grass

(Ezra Pound)

The Dniper River coves and creeks turn

to a completely different world in Winter. Covered with ice, they become a shelter for adventurers of any kinds - ice fishers, February-sharpened drunkards, chronic truants, accidental wonderers... etc. etc.

This fragile world, full of frozen things and weird inhabitants, exists for a very short period of time. It changes with every thaw and, when Spring sun grows, finally disappears. Walking along the ice shores, you experience perfect new point of views, and you never know if it will be available the next day.

And remember - in order not to fall trough the ice, you must follow in the footsteps.

All photographs were made in 2011 with an Instax camera in outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine.